What happens if Hockey Canada or Hockey Alberta cancel the season due to Covid-19?

  • Refunds will be issued to anyone who has registered, prorated based on amount of time remaining in the season

What if I have registered and then have decided not to play?

  • CMHA has approved a change to our refund policy this season. Please see the Return to Play guide for details.

Where do I find information around rules at the arena?

  • All information regarding policies and procedures while at the arena are addressed in the Return to Play guide.

Do we need to wear masks at the arena?

  • Masks are required for any person who is NOT part of the cohort, while visiting the dressing room or players bench.  For any on ice helpers or coaches that are NOT part of the cohort, they must wear a mask while in the dressing room, on the players bench or on the ice.  You are NOT REQUIRED to wear a mask in any other situation or part of the arena, however CMHA does encourage you to wear a mask.

How are cohorts formed?

  • Cohorts will be formed by division.

How is CMHA keeping track of participants?

  • There are a few things being done for this. CMHA will be using Teamsnap for Health Check verification, as well as Hockey Alberta’s Contact Tracing form.  It’s very important that we keep track of all participants to adhere to Hockey Alberta guidelines.  More details on this can be found in our Return to Play guide.

What if there is a positive case of Covid-19 for a participant or volunteer?

  • At this time, we cannot answer the question of “what will happen if there is a positive case?” AHS is treating every situation differently and are not providing concrete ‘what ifs’. We must simply follow reporting guidelines and take direction as it is given.

Can a participant be in more than one sports cohort?

  • Participants can only be in one sports cohort, and if a player or coach leaves one cohort to join another they will need to have a 14-day non-participation period before joining the new cohort.  Coaches are able to help out with multiple cohorts, provided they maintain social distancing and wear a mask even while on the ice.

Is Covid-19 covered under our Hockey Canada Insurance?

How will information be shared with families?

  • CMHA will be adding info to our website, and will be using Teamsnap and email to keep families informed of any changes.



Will there be league games this year?

  • Not until Phase 3, which date is unknown at this time. All we know is any “games” being played will be CMHA inter-squad games at this time.

Will the team tryouts be held as normal?

  • At this point yes, we are planning to select teams as normal. This may happen a few weeks later than normal.  Even once teams are selected, cohorts will remain in place to allow for inter-squad games with mixed teams.

How many players will be on the ice for each session?

  • This is a work in progress. We are working on a schedule to limit the amount of players and coaches during each session to be 30 or less. This will mean some cohorts have split sessions, while other cohorts have lower numbers and will fit into this threshold with their total numbers.

Will there be any tournaments?

  • There will be no tournaments anywhere in Alberta (and likely Canada) until January at the earliest.



Will cohorts share equipment (pylons, pucks, pinnies, etc.)?

  • Cohorts will all be provided with their own equipment to use.  Shared equipment between cohorts is not allowed.

What about shared goalie equipment?

  • CMHA is working to develop cleaning procedures for this and will communicate that to team officials as the season begins

Do the players need to come dressed to the arena?

  • All players are encouraged to arrive in full gear, minus helmets/skates/gloves.  If possible, for the younger age groups skates and skate guards are encouraged to speed up time entering and exiting the arena.

Will there be spectators allowed?

  • Each participant is currently permitted to have 1 spectator at the session.  Spectators MUST follow proper social distancing in the bleacher area.

What happens if a participant isn’t following procedures and guidelines?

  • All reported violations will be reviewed by CMHA discipline committee. Certain violations will face severe consequences including expulsion from CMHA for the season.

What should I do if I have questions?

  • If you have any questions regarding Return to Play for CMHA, please contact Darren Hurt at