CMHA Contacts

CAHL Director

Darren Gugyelka

The CAHL Director provides support and updates to the teams playing in the CAHL League.  They attend league meetings and are a great resource for understanding the rules and policies of the league.

Link to CAHL Policies

Director of Managers

Mike Vucurevich

The Director of Managers is the key resource especially for first time managers.  They will provide each team with their start up checklist package and be available to answer questions especially as the season begins.


Cheryl Gudmundson*

The registrar oversees the registration process and logistics.  As teams are formed they ensure players are assigned to the proper teams and carded with the governing bodies.  Please forward any player movement or tryout forms to their email.  Necessary forms can be found in the FAQ section of the website.

Link to CMHA FAQ

City League Director

Joanne McIntyre

The City League Director oversees start up of teams participating in LMHA City League.  They represent CMHA at City League meetings and provide direction to the teams of any requirements from the LMHA.

Referee in Chief

Matthew Yackulic

CMHA's Referree in Chief works with our officials and oversees their development.  They also assign referrees games based on their ability and are invloved in ensuring the officials attend the necessary clinics each year.  They help to build a stable of confident and competent officials each year.

Ice Scheduler

The ice scheduler coordinates time slots and is your contact for game requests or changes that need to be made with your schedule. CMHA uses the TeamSnap App for scheduling all teams games and practices.


Brent Lloyd

The treasurer oversees the finances of the association.  They work closely with the association bookkeeper to track revenues and expenses of CMHA.  They also provide the board with current updates on the financial health of CMHA as each season progresses.

Technology / Registrar Liaison

Darren Hurt

This position is responsible for overseeing CMHA technology including website, social media and team management applications.  They also assist the Registrar during registration and throughout the season managing player and parent information.

Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator

Blayne Janssens

The Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator plans and oversees all fundraising initiatives for Coaldale Minor Hockey.  This position is also responsible for any marketing and advertising for the league.

CAHL Governor

Kevin Fujita

Each year CAHL assigns a certain age group and tier to a governor from our assocation.  They are the main contact for issues that may arise from within that league and work with the division teams to resolve any issues as the season goes on.  They attend league meetings with the CAHL Director.

Director of Equipment / Apparel

Devron Carriere

This position organizes and stocks all CMHA jersey, equipment and supply needs.  They are your main contact for ordering apparel for your teams and can provide managers with samples.  They work with our suppliers to negotiate competitive pricing for the entire association.

 Director of Coach and Player Development

Rob McNeill

This position is charged with organizing all on ice camps and clinics.  They also recruit and interview coaching candidates for each level.  They set the direction and tone for each coaching staff so that they are providing a consistent and competent level of traing to the CMHA players.

Tournament Director

Tennille Preachuk

The Tournament Director is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all tournament activities for Coaldale Minor Hockey.  The tournament director works with parents, coaches, team managers, and visiting teams throughout the season.

Vice President / Secretary

Tory Campbell

The secretary records and track all details of board meetings and CMHA correspondence.  They organize all board meetings and create and archive minutes from each and every meeting of CMHA.  Any questions on the board structure, bylaws or responsibilities of the board should be directed to the secretary.


Shawn Hass

Predominantly works on the vision and execution of the strategic plan that the board sets.  Chairs board meetings and ensures that board initiatives are receiving the support and attention they require.

Director at Large

Jeff Fujita

This position provides support to any area that needs assistance or has extra workload as a result of a project.

Permits and Discipline Committee Chair

Cory Vandenelzen*

This position is your contact for all travel permits to play exhibition and tournament games out of town.   The discipline committee is referred issues by the board and consists of 3 members that investigate and provide discipline recommendations to the board regarding issues with coach, player or parent conduct.

Pond Hockey Director

Brent Lloyd

The Pond Director oversees start up of teams and all activities both on and off the ice throughout the season.  This position is the main point of contact for parents and coaches for Pond Hockey.

* - denotes individual is not a member of the CMHA Board of Directors