2018 - 2019 Registration

Registration for CMHA is NOW OPEN!

For those familes that require financial assistance, please contact KidSport and/or Jumpstart programs below by clicking on their logos.  Each program has their own application process and requirements seperate from the cmha registration process.

Note: Early Bird discount is applicable until July 15, 2018.  All Payments must be received in full by November 1, 2018.

The mailing address for CMHA is P.O. Box 740, Coaldale, AB, T1M 1M6

CMHA Email address is cmhacobra@gmail.com

2018 - 2019 Fee Schedule


** Families with 3 or more children registered receive a 10% discount on total fees paid, which will discounted during checkout by contacting cmhacobra@gmail.com.

** All transactions are subject to a 2.99% processing fee + $0.99 administrative fee


Welcome to online registration!  This process offers you the option to pay in full or choose the payment plan.  With the payment plan you pay an initial deposit and the balance is split equally over three payment dates.  Online Registration requires you to have a valid credit card, a reloadable credit card or a credit card gift card to cover the whole amount of your chosen payment type.


Respect in Sport Parent

You are required to have completed the Respect in Sport Parent Course prior to registration.  Hockey Canada now requires that all parents renew their certification every 4 years.  If you are a new parent to minor hockey, this is your required first step.

Also, if you have a FIRST TIME PLAYER you will need to first login to Respect in Sport coach to add in your new player.  This step creates the new player's Hockey Canada ID and is REQUIRED.  If you have completed the course but have a new player starting you can add them to your profile by logging in to the Respect in Sport Parent Course as if you are taking it again and then click on PROFILE and then CHILD MANAGEMENT and add the new player so they get a Hockey Canada ID.

When completing RESPECT IN SPORT make sure you are selecting COALDALE as the association and not COALDALE POND, even if you are registering for POND HOCKEY.  We know that sounds crazy, but take our word for it!!

To login and complete the course click the following link:



Trying out in Taber or Lethbridge?

If a player is planning to tryout for either Taber or Lethbridge they must first be registered with their local hockey association (that's us!).  Once they make the team CMHA will issue a refund of fees.  For the appropriate transfer forms, please visit our FAQ section.



CMHA Initiation Age Requirements

CMHA will accept 4 year old players into the Initiation Program under the following conditions:

  • Total number of registered players allows room for extra players.  If after registration concludes it is found that the Initiation program is too full to allow 4 year old players, fees will be refunded for those players.
  • Player is able to skate and stand up on skates without assistance
  • One parent must be willing to be an on ice helper for practice sessions


Hockey Canada ID - Existing Players

Before starting registration, parents will need to lookup the Hockey Canada ID.  To do this, login to HCR by clicking the following link.  You will then select print invoice for last years registration, where you will find the Hockey Canada ID after your player's name.



Multiplayer discounts / Flames Learn to Play

Families registering 3 or more players or that have a voucher from the Calgary Flames Learn to Play program, will need to contact cmhacobra@gmail.com PRIOR to checkout to receive your appropriate discounts.


TEAMSNAP Registration

We have created some basic instructions to help with the registration process, click the link below.  But it's super simple, 9 out of 10 people agree!!

Registration Instructions

Ready, Go!!  Click the link below to get started:


Late Fee of $100 will apply after July 15th.

If you have questions or problems with the online registration email cmhacobra@gmail.com.